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3ATM/30 METRES: Suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant.NOT for swimming.
5ATM/50 METRES: Suitable for water related work, recreational swimming and fishing. NOT for diving.
10ATM/100 METRES: Suitable for recreational surfing, snorkeling and water sports. NOT for diving.
20ATM/200 METRES: Suitable for professional marine activity, serious surface water sports and diving.

CAUTION. Watches should not be worn in hot or warm water or around solvents otherwise the seals will deteriorate rendering 
the case no longer water-resistant. Extreme changes of temperature should beavoided as this may result in condensation. 
A watch may no longer be water-resistant if the case back is removed and not re-sealed correctly, if the glass is cracked or 
chipped or if the crown is left open or unscrewed. It is important to have the watch water tested after a battery change.


The Olympic screw crown system uses a screw mechanism to give added protection against water. Screw down crowns 
are used in some 100 metre models and all Olympic divers watches. The crown must be screwed in for 100% water protection. 
Instructions can be found on page 5 of the Olympic instruction booklet/guarantee.


The Triple O-ring Crown System is designed so that the watch remains water resistant even if the crown is left in the hand set position.
This is achieved by using 3 seals, 1 on the crown and 2 in the case tube so that at least 1 seal is in position at all times providing at least 30 metres water resistance. More

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